Stop Chasing Views! 🏃

The Fatal Mistake in Social Media and How to Fix It

In the ever-crowded digital landscape, the pressure to constantly churn out content can be overwhelming. Many creators find themselves trapped in an endless cycle of producing material to satisfy algorithms rather than crafting meaningful content. Here, I share my insights on the art of content strategy, focusing on the timeless principles of quality over quantity, targeting the right audience, and understanding that being everywhere all at once is not always necessary.

Let's be honest, the social media world is a circus, and everyone's a performer. The temptation to jump through hoops for likes, shares, and views is real. But here's the thing: Success isn't about the volume of content you produce—it's about the impact of that content. You can flood the internet with mediocre material, or you can create a few pieces that truly resonate with your audience. Spoiler alert: The latter wins every time.

You Chasing Views

The Importance of Quality Over Quantity

Take a lesson from Alex Hormozi, who initially expanded his content repertoire to include a smorgasbord of topics. From business advice to cooking tips—yes, cooking tips. Sure, he racked up the views, but guess what? His core audience started tuning out. Shocking, right? "If you're chasing everybody, then you're gonna maybe even turn off your core audience," I like to say. It’s a classic case of spreading yourself too thin.

Target the Right Audience!

Creating content that speaks directly to your target audience is crucial. Alex's pivot back to business-focused educational content illustrates this perfectly. By diving into his data, he realized his broader content strategy wasn’t converting casual viewers into loyal followers or potential clients.

I've experienced the same phenomenon. An overload of irrelevant content, even from respected creators, is enough to make anyone hit the unsubscribe button. One of Alex's ideal clients, someone we probably both know, candidly told him, "Love you, but I've pretty much stopped watching your stuff because it doesn't apply to me." Ouch, but point taken.

Avoid Clickbait and Irrelevant Content

Let's talk about clickbait—a tempting yet perilous path. Sure, it might give you a temporary spike in engagement, but at what cost? All those "10 Ways to Save Money on Your Meals" articles might attract eyeballs, but they won’t bring in the audience you actually want to engage with. "All this artificially created clickbait kind of not directly targeted to appeal to your ideal audience to get them to do the ideal thing you want them to do," I emphasized. So, why waste time attracting the wrong crowd?

Here's a revelation: Not all views are created equal. 

A smaller, engaged audience is infinitely more valuable than a large, indifferent one. This isn't rocket science, folks. More and more content creators are realizing that being ubiquitous is overrated. Instead, they’re focusing on platforms and content that align with their business goals.

Analyzing data to see what content truly resonates with your audience is crucial. This allows you to make informed decisions and refine your strategy. "Analyze data to understand what content resonates with your audience and adjust your strategy accordingly," is a mantra every creator should live by.

Considering the Long-Term Value of Your Audience

The endgame is building a loyal audience that finds genuine value in what you offer. Think long-term. Immediate metrics are nice, but the real prize is sustained engagement and business growth.

Investing in quality content that speaks to your audience’s needs and interests will always yield better results than trying to game the system for more views. "Consider the long-term value of your audience and the potential for business growth," should be the core of your content strategy.

Here are your key takeaways:

  • Focus on quality content that is relevant to your target audience.

  • Don't try to be everywhere all at once; focus on platforms and content that align with your goals.

  • Analyze data to understand what content resonates with your audience and adjust your strategy accordingly.

  • Avoid creating clickbait content that is not directly targeted to your ideal audience.

  • Consider the long-term value of your audience and the potential for business growth.

By adopting these strategies, creators and business owners can build a more engaged and valuable audience, ultimately driving better business outcomes.

So, stop the madness, and start creating content that matters.

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